Local government needs to earn the trust of all community members by helping to navigate uncertainty and lead everyone forward, especially during this global health crisis. As mayor, I will help New Brighton through these complex times to create together a welcoming, thriving community with ample, living wage jobs, increased homeownership and affordable housing, and energetic, safe streets.

​New Brighton needs:

  • Operational Innovation

    • Develop new revenue models for growth: Meet the needs of residents and business owners with services, during the pandemic and beyond

    • Reimagine government: Envision new models, craft new best practices, and innovate for a city of the future; New Brighton benefits today because leaders did that in the past

    • Explore new methods of engagement: Advance new ways to inclusively work together including more remote, virtual, and social distanced meetings so we are still working together

    • Listen to multiple generations: Ask critical questions to understand fully the community, and assess new paths forward by hearing input so government works with people


  • Economic & Community Development Alignment

    • Balance business and resident needs: Involve all community members in solutions so there is a thriving city with economic vision, supports, and amenities

    • Invest in excellent city employees: Provide the tools, training and professional development to New Brighton’s staff to recruit, retain, and empower them to succeed

    • Honor housing promises: From making safety commitments to valuing all types of housing, the city must champion everyone’s rights and all stages of life housing, and stop affordable housing from falling into disrepair

    • Lead in sustainability: Initiatives, including clean energy, deliver cost savings and other community benefits if agreements are created to provide value back to the city


  • Serving Community with Equity 

    • Engage more residents and businesses: To create an equitable system, everyone's voice must be heard and services must be accessible; citizens are grateful for the formal commissions’ volunteers and there are thousands more who could contribute in new ways

    • Serve and welcome more of the community: The broader community will help neighbors and better meet existing needs, including the city’s youth, if residents know what is needed

    • Prioritize clearly inclusion and human rights: A not-followed City code on human rights and the past Inclusion Task Force recommendations on inclusion and equity are not, but should be, visible across all of New Brighton’s departmental budgets

    • Provide clear, coordinated leadership in a pandemic: Share widely the latest developments in public health on coronavirus impacts to support businesses and residents, especially the most vulnerable ​and elderly

  • Transparency & Accountability

    • Drive results transparently: Community members should provide input into goals and services, and city staff and elected officials should share progress updates on results

    • Develop accountability through a simple scorecard: Measuring and communicating key performance indicators celebrates successes, improves outcomes, and brings integrity to the system; if it is not being measured, it won’t get done

    • Deliver excellence in water quality: Water quality is a critical service that demands attentiveness and continual improvement; water quantity and conservation efforts must be integrated

    • Be truthful and honest on past challenges: Lawsuits are costly and create negative publicity; nonpartisan, open conversations about how New Brighton can and should do better is essential; wisdom and justice come from learning and truth


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November 8, 2022

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