The City of New Brighton’s elections are non-partisan, and I am proud to have “multi-partisan” support from across the political spectrum.


I am committed to serving the entire community.

Thank you to the following individuals

and organizations for their support!

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Senate Districts

39 and 40 DFL

Kari has the support of Senate Districts 39 and 40 DFL. Kari's commitment to advancing progressive ideas and demonstrated collaborative leadership is what New Brighton needs to realize its mission of Building Tomorrow Today.


Bob Benke headshot

Bob Benke

New Brighton resident and former

Mayor and City Council member

Judy and I have lived in New Brighton for 49 years and raised our two children here.


We have been engaged in many community organizations, and I was honored to serve on the City Council for 8 years and as Mayor for 7 two-years terms before retiring.


During my service as Mayor, I had the opportunity to also serve as our City Ambassador, including attending Statewide and National City official organizations that gave me the opportunity to meet and learn from many City leaders from all over the country. I believe that our next Mayor must also step up and serve as our Ambassador in the same way. 


Bottom line, I think I can tell who has the leadership skills needed to lead New Brighton during these troubling times. After watching the LWV Candidate Forum, it is very clear to me that Kari is the best prepared choice and I heartily endorse her for election as Mayor.

Kari has executive leadership experience, guiding complex organizations and directing large budgets. Kari understands the role of city government and City Council in supporting the community and advocating when changes are needed. She has a record of professional success that demonstrates her abilities to build and lead teams, listen to competing viewpoints and make fact-based decisions. Kari also has been a long-time volunteer with a commitment to serve others.

I am confident that as Mayor, Kari will act with an open mind, ask the right questions and build consensus to achieve smart solutions for the benefit of New Brighton residents, businesses and visitors.

Mary Burg headshot

Mary Burg

New Brighton resident and former

City Council member

As Mayor Val Johnson has withdrawn her candidacy I see it as imperative to support

Kari NT!


I have been a resident of New Brighton for nearly my entire life. I want our city to thrive, to continue to be a place people are proud to be from AND a place people want to live and work.


I am proud to have served on the City Council for four terms, and recognize when those seeking a role in local government are doing so for the right reason—a willingness to work hard to create a better community for all—rather than for any personal or partisan agenda. I am clear that we have one choice for our city, and I am pleased to endorse Kari Niedfeldt-Thomas for New Brighton’s next mayor.

Kari’s experience in strategic planning, managing large and complex operating and capital budgets, and organizational and facility operations will be of great value as the City Council fulfills its obligation to efficiently and effectively serve its residents and businesses. Additionally, Kari is builds relationships and cares about people; she will ensure that we find solutions that brings us together as a community.

Elections provide a chance for community members to step forward and share their ideas and skills for New Brighton. I am excited for Kari’s leadership and optimistic that our city’s best days will be in our future.


Cyndi Lesher,

New Brighton resident and retired president and CEO of Northern States Power 


an Excel Energy company

When Kari shared with me her intention to run for mayor, I told her it was the best news I’ve heard in months! New Brighton needs impactful leadership, which I have seen Kari exhibit continually over the 18 years that we have known each other. Kari is inclusive, insightful and decisive, with an unwavering commitment to civic leadership and service. Kari is the perfect candidate for the next mayor of New Brighton! 


I was proud to join Kari (2013) when I was honored (2014) by the Girl Scouts River Valleys as Women of Distinction. Honorees “exemplify the Girl Scout Promise and Law through ethical leadership and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of their fellow citizens.”

Kari is committed to making a difference in the lives of our neighbors in New Brighton. 


Graeme Allen,

New Brighton resident and

current City Council member

Fellow New Brightonites, we are voting for our next Mayor.


With Mayor Johnson suspending her campaign, I'm supporting Kari Niedfeldt-Thomas as the clear choice to move our city forward.


Now more than ever, we need creativity, vision and someone who can unite us around shared goals. With 30 years of experience in the business and non-profit sector, she understands the challenges we face and how to bring our values and voices into the decision making process. Kari is the Mayor we need.  

Norm Chervany headshot

Norman Chervany


New Brighton resident and

Professor Emeritus, 

Information & Decision Sciences and Supply Chain & Operations,

Carlson School of Management

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Senate District

41 DFL

Kari has the support of Senate District 41 DFL. Kari's commitment to advancing progressive ideas and demonstrated collaborative leadership is what New Brighton needs to realize its mission of Building Tomorrow Today.

I was one of Kari’s professors when she earned her Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Business. Kari received a very competitive and prestigious Bush Fellowship — awarded to leaders “to make a difference in your community” — to make that educational dream a reality.


Kari brings a broad and diverse perspective from her professional experiences. She is high energy, results-oriented, a good listener and a good "actioner.”


At the same time Kari always remains “people-oriented,” and was selected by her peers as the student speaker for their MBA class commencement, a testament to both her academic achievements and ability to make meaningful connections. Kari has already made a difference in New Brighton, the Twin Cities and the world and I am certain she will be an outstanding mayor!