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The City of New Brighton’s elections are non-partisan, and I am proud to have “multi-partisan” support from across the political spectrum.


I am committed to serving the entire community.

Thank you to the following individuals

and organizations for their support!

KariNT standing on median


Abdullahi Abdulle headshot.png

Abdullahi Abdulle

Transportation Equity Planning Coordinator, MN DOT and 
City Council member

New Brighton

Working with Kari on the City Council for nearly two years, I remain impressed with her energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm to serve our community as our mayor. Kari and I share a passion for improving New Brighton’s priorities, policies, and resources on sustainability, transportation, equity, and housing.


Kari is willing to listen, learn, and grow as a leader, and as mayor, facilitates open, honest, and respectful conversations, including asking tough questions and requiring data to enable the City Council to make informed decisions.


Graeme Allen

City Council Member

New Brighton

Now more than ever, we need creativity, vision, and a mayor who can unite us around shared goals.


I have worked with Kari at the New Brighton City Council, and I have seen her in action on difficult issues. While Kari and I are different in our ideas and approach to issues, she advocates for the needs of residents and finds compromises. She always asks for feedback on how our City can be better, she wants to hear from residents regularly, and is willing to talk anyone on any issue. Her 30 years of experience in the business and non-profit sector means that she understands the challenges of our business community and our residents.


Kari knows how to bring our values and voices into the decision-making process. I have endorsed Kari for mayor because we continue to need her leadership.

Bob Benke headshot

Bob Benke

Former New Brighton Mayor and
City Council member

Judy and I lived in New Brighton for 51 years, where we raised our two children.


We were engaged in many community organizations during that time and I was honored to serve on the City Council for 8 years and as mayor for 7 two-years terms before retiring. During that time I worked with other public leaders across the metro area, the state and the country. I know leadership and I know New Brighton. 

When I endorsed Kari during her first campaign in 2020, I saw that she had the leadership qualities and experience that our next mayor needed to have. Kari has fulfilled all that I hoped for and expect in our mayor, and beyond. She has stepped up and serve as an Ambassador for the City. During her first two years in office, she has actively engaged in the North Metro Mayors Association, and for the first time for New Brighton, she was invited to participate in the Regional Council of Mayors which brings our City to the table with other mayors on issues of regional importance. Kari is a leader who cares for our community yet also sees the big picture of how New Brighton fits into the complicated web of multiple jurisdictions. She is focused and brave to advocate for what our City needs. Kari cannot do the job alone; she needs council members who will help keep New Brighton on track. 

Kari’s executive leadership experience, guiding complex organizations, and directing large budgets has served New Brighton well. I am confident Kari will continue to lead with an open mind, ask the right questions, and build consensus to achieve smart solutions for the benefit of New Brighton residents, businesses, and visitors.


Rep. Connie Bernardy

Minnesota House of Representatives (41A) and resident

New Brighton

Representing New Brighton in the MN House of Representatives, I have regularly worked with Kari to understand the needs of the New Brighton community, and she skillfully navigates the complicated web of multiple jurisdictions to benefit of our community.


As a New Brighton resident, I value her as a remarkable communicator with professional experiences, planning and strategy skills, and the courage to champion the needs of the community. Everyone should know that she serves New Brighton extraordinarily well!


Mary Burg

Resident and former
City Council member

New Brighton

As a resident of New Brighton for nearly my entire life and having served on the City Council for four terms, I want our city to thrive, to continue to be a place people are proud to be from AND a place people want to live and work.


I endorsed Kari Niedfeldt-Thomas in the 2020 election because I saw her willingness to work hard to create a better community for all—rather than for any personal or partisan agenda. As mayor, Kari has served all the residents of New Brighton exceptionally well, using her experience in strategic planning, managing large and complex operating and capital budgets, and organizational and facility operations to ensure the Council fulfills its obligation to serve its residents and businesses efficiently and effectively.


Kari has been a fervent promoter of City programs and services, local businesses, civic and nonprofit organizations on social media, and makes the time to personally engage at their events through the year. She builds relationships and cares about people; she will continue to ensure that we find solutions that brings us together as a community. I proudly endorse Kari for her leadership and know that our City’s best days are ahead!

Emily Dunsworth headshot.png

Emily Dunsworth

City Council member

New Brighton

I met Kari in 2020 when she announced her first campaign, and I have valued working with her as mayor these past two years.


I have endorsed Kari for mayor because she has been a positive force for our community and for the City Council. She has a deep commitment to community and is very accessible to everyone. Her leadership and focus on solutions have created a welcoming decision-making culture in which she encourages everyone to provide input, and she facilitates finding compromises for our City, Council, and the community. Kari and I do not agree on everything, yet we have shared a passion for advancing New Brighton’s DEI (diversity equity & inclusion) strategic priority.


Kari asks insightful questions, and depending on the issue, facilitates consensus or brings a balance of civility to split votes. Kari asks for excellence from the City staff, and has advanced many paused priorities.


Rep. Sandra Feist

Minnesota House of Representatives (41B)
and resident

New Brighton

As a resident of New Brighton and as a State Representative for our community, I am pleased to endorse Mayor Kari Niedfeldt-Thomas. I so admire Kari's energetic leadership of the city we both love. We share a commitment to connecting those who live and work in our community to existing programs and services. Kari and I also look for opportunities to partner, discussing creative solutions to support our community and assessing state-level policies that will benefit New Brighton. As both a New Brighton resident and an elected leader, I want to see Kari continue on as Mayor of New Brighton!

Pamela Stegora Axberg head shot.png

Pam Stegora Axberg

City Council member

New Brighton

Kari is a dedicated public servant. She listens to—and wants to hear—the voices of all citizens of New Brighton. She is diligent in learning about the issues from multiple sides. She is a fierce advocate for the City of New Brighton, balancing short-term needs with a long-term vision for our city.


Brian Strub

Resident and former
City Council member

New Brighton

When I served on City Council, we approved New Brighton joining the MN Green Step City Program, for which we are now a Step 5—the highest. I am proud to have a mayor who encourages and prioritizes our City’s leadership in sustainability.


Kari values the experiences, perspectives, and expertise of our community, volunteers who serve on our commissions, City staff, and the City Council—she believes in building community and honoring contributions from many voices. Kari constantly wants to increase her knowledge about issues that matter to our residents and businesses. We are fortunate that she is willing to step up and contribute to our City as mayor.



Norman Chervany

Professor Emeritus, Information & Decision Sciences and Supply Chain & Operations,
Carlson School of Management and resident

New Brighton

I was one of Kari’s professors when she earned her Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Business. Kari received a very competitive and prestigious Bush Fellowship — awarded to leaders “to make a difference in your community” — to make that educational dream a reality. As mayor, I have benefited from calling her with questions, or knowing she helped my neighbors by ensuring that we received answers to issues. Kari is a mayor to all of us, even if you did not vote for her. She advocates for you when you do not see it.

Kari brings a broad and diverse perspective from her professional experiences. She is high energy, results-oriented, a good listener and a good "actioner.” At the same time Kari always remains “people-oriented,” and was selected by her peers as the student speaker for their MBA class commencement, a testament to both her academic achievements and ability to make meaningful connections. Kari has already made a difference in New Brighton, the Twin Cities, and the world and she has proved to be an outstanding mayor!


Cyndi Lesher

Retired president and CEO of
Northern States Power Company—Minnesota,
an Xcel Energy company and resident

New Brighton

When Kari shared with me in 2020 her intention to run for mayor, I told her it was the best news I had heard in months! I continue to be impressed with Kari as our mayor, and I tell fellow residents how happy I am that Kari wants to continue to serve in this role.


I have known Kari for more than 20 years, and Kari excels at complicated compromises. She is committed to making a difference in the lives of our neighbors in the community, and her ethical executive leadership has created significant, positive impact for New Brighton. I endorsed her candidacy in 2020 and remain an enthusiastic supporter because Kari is inclusive, insightful, and decisive, with an unwavering commitment to civic leadership and service.


MN DFL Logo.webp

Senate Districts

39 and 40 DFL

Kari has the support of Senate Districts 39 and 40 DFL. Kari's commitment to advancing progressive ideas and demonstrated collaborative leadership is what New Brighton needs to realize its mission of Building Tomorrow Today.

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